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Monster Energy Drink Addiction

Energy drink addiction is the compulsive urge to keep drinking these beverages despite the harm they cause. Many people believe they can’t do various tasks without energy drinks to lift them up first. This is why it’s important to keep your energy drink consumption in moderation. Energy drinks’ primary role is to provide an energy boost, and oftentimes that can be unhealthy for our bodies.

  • Guarana is a plant from South America with almost similar qualities as caffeine.
  • A caffeine cleanse is useful since caffeine can hinder sleep and impair health.
  • The most common signs and symptoms of energy drink addiction include.
  • This has to do with how caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands.
  • Vinnie Pyner, 21, got hooked on cans of green Monster Energy to help him stay awake for his college studies, he said.

In fact, the use of energy and sports drinks is high among active people and athletes. The abovementioned signs and symptoms occur primarily due to caffeine withdrawal. The body gets used to high levels of caffeine administered through energy drinks. As a person quits these beverages, the body enters into withdrawal mode.

How to overcome energy drink addiction?

To make up for the imbalance, the brain starts to produce less dopamine. The individual has to start consuming drugs or other substances in order to get themselves back to healthy, normal levels. But, you’re not going to become addicted to drugs simply because you drink a few energy drinks, right? The answer really depends on your genetic makeup and your lifestyle.

In summary, Monster drink energy addiction is defined as drinking excessive amounts of the said energy drink without being able to limit your intake. It may be characterized by addictive symptoms comparable to drug addiction. A new study shows that college students who consume a lot of energy drinks are more likely to become addicted to certain drugs or alcohol later. Whenever we hear about addiction, energy drinks are not the first things that come to mind. People limit substance abuse to alcohol, prescribed opioid drugs, and illegal drugs.

How do you become an energy drink addict?

At the same time, 53.6% did it to replenish lost energy or to provide energy, improve performance, and reduce fatigue. People often take these drinks in order to be more productive. In fact, those are the most significant advantages of these beverages.

monster energy addiction

Alcohol addiction makes people lose control of their lives. Third, the different nature of alcohol and caffeine affects the nervous system. Last, researchers from Purdue University found that mixing energy drinks with alcohol changes the brain in the same way as cocaine. These https://soberhome.net/ changes diminish brain function and push people to want more of the drug. Energy drinks are popular caffeinated beverages marketed as improving mental and physical performance. Statistics show 25% of American research respondents admitted to consuming the drinks daily.

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They often manifest when you’re unable to access the substance, such as energy drinks, and they’re more likely to occur when you quit cold turkey. Again, keep in mind that various factors play a role in developing a dependence on energy drinks, and these factors vary by individual. An energy drink addiction can happen gradually or quickly. This side effect is more concerning if you regularly drink full-sugar energy drinks, as the sugar feeds the bacteria that form plaque, which promotes tooth decay . Caffeine stimulates the heart muscle causing it to beat with more forceful contractions.

What are the long term effects of drinking monster?

Several previous studies have shown that energy drinks may affect heart rhythm and blood pressure significantly. As energy drinks are sugar-sweetened beverages, long-term use may also affect the body's metabolism, including cholesterol, blood sugars, and weight.

People who drink mainly water report more natural energy, better overall feelings of wellness, better sleep, and healthier skin. You don’t have to struggle with these issues alone anymore. The researchers classified soft drugs as less addictive substances such as marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol. Much research has been done on the physical effects of energy drink abuse. Energy drink abuse among teens has been found to cause an increased risk of cardiac events, especially in those with underlying heart conditions. There were even some cases of energy drinks causing changes in heart rhythm among teens with healthy hearts.

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Yet, people say taurine regulates the heartbeat, boosts brain development, and inhibits stress. While energy drink addictions might not require something as serious as rehab or even a hospital visit, eco sober house rating you shouldn’t take the issue lightly. This is alarming seeing as the target consumer group for energy drinks are teens and young adults, especially when mixed with alcohol at bars and clubs.

Is Monster Energy like alcohol?

Answer: No, like most energy drinks, by default Monster is non-alcoholic.

If you struggle to manage these withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit, you should seek support from your healthcare professional. While it may seem hard to quit energy drinks, there are several ways to do so. An addiction is a psychological condition that involves an ongoing desire to use a substance or engage in a behavior, despite its negative eco sober house review consequences . Consuming caffeine daily quickly causes the human body to build up tolerance. The same dose of caffeine then causes a person to achieve a sense of normalcy rather than the euphoric feelings it once did. Quitting resets your body’s caffeine tolerance, allowing it to work really well on the occasions you really need it to.

Popular ones include Martini, Old Fashioned, Bloody Mary, Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Mojito, and Mai Tai. Nevertheless, the caffeine in energy drinks makes this a dangerous idea. Even pharmacists advise people not to mix caffeine with prescribed medications. Mixing those together means you are at risk for dehydration and mineral loss. This can lead to headaches, loss of strength, and affected kidney function. Binge drinking is responsible for alcohol-related injuries, violence, unwanted or unprotected sex, and alcohol dependence.

Detox is usually performed in a medically supervised setting in a rehab center. Patients may receive medications if their withdrawal symptoms are severe. Although pharmaceutical therapy for energy drink addiction doesn’t exist, some medications may help alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal.

monster energy addiction

This is how harmless beverages prime the brain for addiction. Once someone has developed a minor addiction to one thing, it’s much easier for them to replace that addiction with something else. This is particularly true when younger people with less developed brains begin to drink highly caffeinated drinks. Because their brains aren’t fully developed yet, some scientists believe that caffeine can cause greater brain changes.

How Caffeine Primes the Brain for Addiction

Reward Deficiency Syndrome is at the crux of many stimulant addictions, and it has genetic factors. 2 Whether or not you have Reward Deficiency Syndrome, you can still break free from your energy drink addiction. If you feel like you need energy drinks just to function, then you’re struggling with energy drink addiction. In persons with energy drink addiction, counseling is a great option when a person recognizes signs of the problem and is ready to acknowledge it. Counseling helps cope with addiction and encourages a patient on the road to successful recovery.

The issue with energy drinks, especially ones high in caffeine and sugar, is that they can cause your brain to release higher amounts of dopamine, the feel-good hormone . Studies have also linked frequent energy drink and sugar-sweetened beverage intake to chronic health issues, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and kidney disorders . There’s no official definition for an energy drink addiction.

monster energy addiction

A four-item version of the Brief Sensation Seeking Scale (BSSS-4),37,38 was used to assess propensity for sensation seeking. BSSS-4 scores range from 1 to 5 with higher scores indicating greater sensation seeking. Guarana is a plant from South America with almost similar qualities as caffeine. Like Taurine, there isn’t a lot of research done on Guarana. Hence, no one knows if it has the stimulating effects of caffeine.